Minelab CTX3030 rechargeable
Rechargeable Battery for the Minelab CTX3030 metal detector. This battery holds its charge well. There are a few of these in stock so the photo is for recognising product but it may not be the actual one sent out.
Minelab FBS system rechargeable
Rechargeable battery 1600 nimh for Minelab FBS sytem metal detector. This product is compatible for the Explorer, Explorer XS, Quattro, SE, Safari & E-Trac. It holds it's charge well.
Minelab CTX3030 Battery Charger
Minelab CTX3030 battery charger in very good condition.
Minelab WM10 module
This CTX3030 WM10 module enables the user to plug their headphones into the module to become wireless from the detector. The module can be tucked into a pocket or worn hip mounted.
Whites Rechargeable Battery
The Whites Rechargeable battery is compatible with the Spectrum XLT, Spectrum XLT E Series, DFX, MXT, M6 & Classic.