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New Kruzer 7''KR18
New RC29V Racer coil
New Fors Relic FR29

This 7 inch concentric coil is extremely light in weight so a good coi for when detecting for long periods as it will reduce muscle fatigue. It has good depth and sensitivity and is a good coil to use in areas where your swing may be restricted.

This coil is the standard coil for the Racer and Racer 2 metal detector. It offers good depth and sensitivity and is a good all round coil to use on all ground conditions.
New Kruzer 5'' KR13
This 11 x 7'' is a great all round coil for any ground conditions and it has good depth and ground coverage. Coil cover is supplied.
Nokta Fors Relic 4.5''
This is an extremely lightweight coil and is a great addition to the Kruzer detector as it excels in areas where your swing may be limited such as between stubble or wooded areas. It has good depth and is sensitive to small targets.
This extremely lightweight coil is an ideal coil to use on iron infested sites and amongst the rows of stubble. This is like new in condition. Coil cover supplied.
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