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C Scope 6MXi
This is a specialist 'motion' detector with C Scope's audio tone discrimination feature which allows the user to find the small, thin coins in heavily contaminated soils. It has good depth, sensitivity and a fast recovery speed with variable discrimination which gives the user the ability to reject foil type targets. It is a British detector built for British conditions.
Fisher F75 DTS
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The Fisher F75 DTS is a multi purpose high performance detector that is extremely deep seeking and ideal for the most serious of detectorists. It is incredibly sensitive to small items and is fully programmable to get the best performance in all ground conditions and types regardless of whether you are relic hunting or gold prospecting. This model has the boost and cache modes to gain extra depth. Five inch coil also added.
Goldenmask 4 Pro
The Goldenmask 4 Pro is a very fast and powerful metal detector with great depth and a very fast recovery speed for when hunting in highly contaminated areas. Running at 18khz makes it extremely sensitive to small objects and low conducting metals such as small coins, jewellery and gold nuggets. It can be manually ground balanced to gain the best depth and performance on the different ground types but can also be used in automatic ground balance for ease of use.
XP Deus Lite
This is probably the best selling detectors on the market at present. It is extremely lightweight, very deep seeking and can be used in either pre-set modes or is fully programmable. It has a very fast recovery speed and is great on heavily contaminated sites. It is the Deus Lite model so does not have the control box but the detector is programmable using the WS4 headphones. This detector is in a clean condition and is underthree months old with the latest version x35 coil, leads & charger, manual and original box.
Tesoro Bandido II
The Bandido II is an extremely light weight, easy to use detector that offers great performance and is a true relic, coin and jewellery machine. It has good depth and is extremely sensitive to small targets and will detect even small gold particles. It has a very fast recovery speed for when detecting in highly mineralised ground and with the 8'' concentric coil it offers easy pinpoint to the target. It operates at 10 khz so a good all round detector for UK conditions.