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DeepTech Vista Mini Max
This DeepTech Mini Max has had light use and has three coils with it. It runs at 18khz making it very sensitive and deep seeking detector that loves hammered coins and relics. It is an easy to use detector that is easy to ground balance and is ideal to use in all ground conditions. It has a fast recovery speed that makes it a good performer on iron infested ground. The great thing about this detector is that it uses very little filtering in the discrimination, meaning that the disc can be turned up to full and still pick up a hammered penny...It is a very forgiving machine. It has 12.5'' x 7.5'' 2D coil as standard and has the extra 8'' and 6''x4'' DD coil.
Goldenmask One
This is a deep seeking and sensitive detector that is suitable for beginners and seasoned detectorists alike. It is a well balanced machine that is easy to use and it runs at 15khz making it a good detector to use for British conditions. It has a very fast recovery speed and is good for finding silver hammered. It is a nice clean condition.
Tangra UK
The Tangra UK has been built specifically to search UK conditions. It is a 15khz coil and is deep seeking and sensitive to the smaller targets found within our history. It has a very fast recovery speed which is ideal for ancient trashy sites. It has manual ground balance so can handle any ground conditions. This machine also has the superior carbon fibre straight shaft that makes this a well-balanced detector to use. It also pushes together to make it easier for travel. This has the 10.5'' DD coil
C Scope 6MXi
This is a specialist 'motion' detector with C Scope's audio tone discrimination feature which allows the user to find the small, thin coins in heavily contaminated soils. It has good depth, sensitivity and a fast recovery speed with variable discrimination which gives the user the ability to reject foil type targets. It is a British detector built for British conditions.
Minelab Sovereign
beach use.png
This is the original Minelab Sovereign is a very deep seeking and sensitive machine and is in excellent condition. They are a very reliable detector  with the usual great Minelab build quality and performance.  These detectors are great for land or beach and utilizes Minelabs BBS technology to give excellent depth along with astounding discrimination. The discrimination circuitry lets you eliminate signals from unwanted trash, while the iron mask enables you to detect valuable targets lying close to ferrous junk. This is a rare detector to find, especially in this condition and a bit of a collector's piece.
Fisher F75 DTS
The Fisher F75 DTS is a multi purpose high performance detector that is extremely deep seeking and ideal for the most serious of detectorists. It is incredibly sensitive to small items and is fully programmable to get the best performance in all ground conditions and types regardless of whether you are relic hunting or gold prospecting. This model has the boost and cache modes to gain extra depth. Five inch coil also added.
Goldenmask 4 Pro
The Goldenmask 4 Pro is a very fast and powerful metal detector with great depth and a very fast recovery speed for when hunting in highly contaminated areas. Running at 18khz makes it extremely sensitive to small objects and low conducting metals such as small coins, jewellery and gold nuggets. It can be manually ground balanced to gain the best depth and performance on the different ground types but can also be used in automatic ground balance for ease of use.
Fisher CZ-6a Quicksilver
beach use.png
The CZ 6a is an easy to use, well balanced machine. It is much sought after as it has superb depth and sensitivity due to running at 5khz and 15khz at the same time. This detector is excellent on land or beach, even on wet sand where it runs very stable in the highly mineralised sands. It boasts deep search target ID, visual & audio target ID, Push button depth reading, pinpoint mode, manual ground balance, silent search, VLF slow motion discrimination and it has a wet sand mode making it a very versatile and very deep seeking detector to use in any condition on any ground. This detector is in a very good clean condition and is a very hard to source machine and is highly sought after when they do come on the market. This has 2 coils.
AKA Sorex Pro

This is a deep seeking detector that is very sensitive to all targets. This detector can be used at many different frequencies by the use of interchangeable coils.
The main original feature of this detector and all the other models of Aka is a "hodograph" identification of targets, which allows to define targets very easy and with an exact value. No other metal detector brand has such an identification. This has two coils a 8.5 x 12.5 15 Khz and an un-used 6'' 14 Khz DD coil for when searching stubble fileds.