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Deus Remote Control
The XP Deus remote updates the Deus Lite to a Full Deus and allows the user to make software updates or to re-boot software. There is also an option of plugging headphones into the unit if the user prefers not to use the wireless headphones set up.
Deus High Frequency Elliptical
This high frequency elliptical coil is extremely sensitive to signals and operates on a wide range of 21 frequencies ranging from 13khz to 81 khz in 3 different search base frequencies (13-15.7Khz, 26-31 khz & 68-81khz). The coil has a further 7 higher or lower sub frequencies to choose from, allowing a much wider adjustment range. The lower frequencies are intended for general use providing good sensitivity to a wide range of targets, whereas, the higher frequencies have a more enhanced sensitivity giving the ability to find smaller targets at better depths, especially on highly mineralised ground. This coil will also enhance a weak signal such as n low conductive targets or those positioned on edge. The battery is situated in the lower stem. This coil can only be used with the Deus that operates on version 4 or above software and will not run with the 3.2 version software or lower.
9'' 4.6khz concentric
This is a good all round coil for use on all ground types and is compatible with the XP 4.6 khz range of detectors such as the ADX 100, ADX 150, ADX 200, ADX 250, Adventis 1 & 2 and the G Maxx 1& 2. Coil cover is supplied.
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