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Deus Remote Control
The XP Deus remote updates the Deus Lite to a Full Deus and allows the user to make software updates or to re-boot software. There is also an option of plugging headphones into the unit if the user prefers not to use the wireless headphones set up.
10 x 5'' Elliptical coil - GMP
11'' Goldmaxx Power coil
This is a good all round coil for use on all ground types and is compatible with the Goldmaxx Power. Coil cover is supplied.
Detech Ultimate 13'' - GMP
It is a coil that offers the user good depth and ground coverage and is light weight to use. Coil cover is supplied. This can be used with the XP Goldmaxx Power.
This elliptical coil is a good choice for iron infested sites and stubble fields. It is used with the Goldmaxx Power.